Day 1: Favorite Underrated Villain → Queen Narissa

Tale as old as time. #disneyroadtrip2014 (at Be Our Guest Restaurant)

I feel like this wall was made for me. #disneyroadtrip2014 (at Backlot Tour with Catastrophy Canyon)

Making our country proud. #disneyroadtrip2014 (at Toy Story Mania)

@hikevmetz @laurieveldheer @caitlyncaughell representing here in @waltdisneyworld @newsies #newsiesforever #disneyroadtrip2014 📰📰📰 (at Studio Backlot Tour)

Elsa made it snow in Hollywood! #disneyroadtrip2014 (at Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

Because Elsa needed to see. @jenniferlyn620 #disneyroadtrip2014 (at Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna)

And at last I see the light and it’s like the sky is new. #disneyroadtrip2014 (at Rapunzel’s Tower)

Went to go and pay my respects to Master Gracey when I was given a gracious tour of his mansion. #disneyroadtrip2014 (at Magic Kingdom Park- Liberty Square)